I’ve got this notification on my phone last month. That’s weird when WP celebrated my 5th year blogging anniversary and you all know that I started writing here on March 2015. It means only 8 months to December 2015 and WP said I was 5 year flying with them hehehe.. Back to the ancient time, when Dinosaur still living peacefully on earth.. NO hahaa back when I was on college. In 2010 I took Digital Library subject or something, I forget. The lecturer giving task to create our own blog from any platform blog, before we continue to make own website. So I decided to blogging here on WordPress. But then after the end of the study I just forget that I have this blog. And I have another blog too, the other fame blog with big B initials you know hahahaa.. My blog contains personal things, daily activities, some quirky stories with my mom, ex and friends. When we broke, I think one of many ways to move on is devastate all memories with him. I didn’t remove my blog just making it become private blog or only me can access, of course delete all things about him hahahaa.. *evil laugh* 😈

After all I longing to write some silly stories again, so I started blogging. Then I found that I have this blog. What a pity blog, I ignored you for a super long time 😣😣😣 So I decide to using this WP again, but if you notice I just change the blog’s name from aioklik.wordpress.com to memyselfandsinz.wordpress.com. Actually for Indonesian is easiest to read/speak aioklik than memyselfandsinz. Aioklik means an invitation to click, same like let’s click. In order to task of college and with the expectation that many people click on my blog so I got good grades heheehee.. I know that was an epic reason for blog’s name 😅 😛 Then I replaced it with the same name as my other blog to ease me remember. Fyi, I have short term memory (STM) that bothered me. This blog still has the same concept as the old blog, to share many informations that I know to others. Now I’m interested to discuss about beauty, skincare and body treatments, makeup or reviewing my haul. Lately my post discussing about traveling or just to share information about the new vacation places or try new culinary, and mostly what I wrote about fun trip with boyfriend hahaahaa..

Hopefully I can consistently write blog and what I write useful to the readers. There may be suggestions to develop this blog or suggestions to my writing, lemme know and you can write in the comments below. Thank you to take the time to read, this is motivation-booster to write better. Happy 5 year anniversary my blog! 🎉 Love youuu! 💋 💞


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