Rustic & Garden Party Wedding 👰

As I promise to you, I’ll share about my bff’s wedding preparation. Two lovely couple decided to use Rustic Wedding theme for their reception. The best thing is the reception will be held as garden party. And we all so excited to make it happen hehe..

Here’s the concept for their Rustic Wedding theme.
We used rustic color tone like this..

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I wanna share about our client Wedding Mood Board. Yes we know that mood board is important to keep bride’s vision still in the right way. A mood board is a collection of all your favourite ideas for your wedding, gathered together in one place for reference and inspiration. They’re a great way for you to collect ideas for your wedding, and can really help you to pick out what your key theme or colour scheme when you see everything you’ve picked out displayed together. You can also show them to your suppliers to explain your wedding look.

isi_yunita peta_yunita

collage mbcollage md 2We also try to make it simple but still gorgeous for Wedding Ceremony. Many things we created by ourselves. We had so much fun with our DIY projects. It started from design invitations, decoration, catering, dress for bride and bridesmaid, make up, also who will hosting the event & performer, photobooth, usher & guests, and many little things that appear suddenly become major problems. Hahaaha.. Ok now we get a vertigo! 😂

Yeah we know it was not easier as we thought before, but we should give the best for our best friend hihii.. Then we thought maybe we better have commercial name for our group, like a professional Wedding Organizer. So we decided to use our sisterhood-name when we was studied in college. “K H S” Komunitas Hepi Selalu. 👭👭
Hihi for you guys who know what KHS is.. Exactly yes, we all know KHS is Kartu Hasil Studi, a sheets containing the results of the study during one semester of prelection. Some of us always affraid of the final exam results hehehe.. So we try to make it happy, not best mark we’re looking for but the value of the knowledge itself. Tsaahhh.. That’s why we have Komunitas Happy Selalu (Always Happy Communities?) instead of frightening about our exam & grade.

Okay, that’s our Wedding Project for Yunita & Hendy. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, successfully and blithe. Amen!



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