1st day on May 2015

Today is the big day, my BFF wedding’s day. After all the things we’ve prepared, now the day is coming. Pray for the best, many things had done but a few things unfinished yet. We had to run to finish it. Happ happ.. For the first day, they held the Moslem Holy Matrimony at her house. Then they have Garden Party concept for their Wedding Reception. That’s why it makes us so busy. After many days and nights we become stressed out, now we felt a little relieved because a few things have passed. The best day is yet to come, and i think all women dream of it, so we trying so hard to make everything okay and perfect for Njied, our best friend.

Today, they tying the knot as husband and wife. When her husband sacred vows of marriage (Ijab), it was very touching me but i held my tears hehee.. Yes we’re so happy for her marriage! ♥

Prosesi Ijab
Congratulation you two!!



In this photo me looked so happy. Yes I am! You know why? Many Javanese (one of Indonesian culture) people believe that stealing a petals of jasmine flowers on the groom / bride can make them immediately get a mate. Even believed to soon follow married. Hehee.. Too mainstream when you just steal a few jasmine, then I take all the jasmines necklace from the groom. Hopefuly I can get married asap! 😁 😁

Although this day is over does not mean we can relax. There are still many things to be done for a wedding reception. Even more hectic and stressful but we enjoy it hahaa.. So, see you on my next post about her Garden Party Wedding Reception. Psstt.. they take a rustic theme for their celebration. Can’t wait to share with you ❤

siinzz ★


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