Super Combo Primary Makeup Base (Make Over Review)

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Pheww.. what a hectic weeks! Many things must be done in this month. One of my to-do list is my best friend’s wedding. I promise to tell you when I have much time. I am so glad to be able help her wedding preparation. We know that wedding not only spend your money, but your energy, your mind, and almost everything you have. Okay, we’ll talk it latter hehee..

Still remember what i’ve done with my lastest foundation yesterday? Yes I was bought a cream foundation but it didn’t suit for my skin tone, my mistake to choose wrong color. So I decided to search for another foundation. Yesterday I was bought a foundation cream, now I want to try to buy a liquid foundation. I remember when I used to be makeup artist for our church choir concert, I ever wear Make Over liquid foundation. So far, their makeup had pigmented color & longlast.

Okay, I decided to buy 2 products from the Make Over. FYI, Make Over is one of the local beauty products with good quality. I bought the Make Over Hidration Serum and Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation. These products complement each other & in my opinion they are inseparable. Let’s discuss one by one…



Make Over Primary Makeup : Hydration Serum

As professional make up artist’s secret mainstay, this wonder serum is designed to prepare the skin for make up by giving instant brightening and tightening effect. Helps to create perfectly adheres make up, its water-based formula quickly absorbs and hydrates your skin.



How to apply :
Pour one to two drops of hydration serum to palm. Spread evenly to adjust with skin temperature then apply onto face by tapping and slightly pressing. Keep for a while before applying other makeup products.

Pros :
+ Quick absorbs to my skin.
+ Make my face be ready for makeup.
+ Smells good.
Cons : None
Price : IDR 98k
Repurchase : Maybe for a long time, hahaaa bcs you only need one drops and i think it takes a long time to spend it 😂

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Make Over Shape and Cover : Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation

With soft focus agent, this foundation will gently deliver natural coverage while helps blurring black spots, fine lines and wrinkles. When the best makeup base is well applied, great makeup will last long.


Available in 7 colours : #01 Ochre, #02 Pink Shade, #03 Nude Silk, #04 Amber Rose, #05 Velvet Nude, #06 Beige Blast, #07 Caramel


Learn for my past mistake about choosing foundation.. hikss it always break my heart. “Yapp, now i will be more picky!” I said that repeatly while im on the way to the store haha.. Then it took almost 1/2 hour only for choose the right foundation hahahahaaa.. So the winner goes to.. Nude Silk!

How to apply :
Shake before use. Apply sheer onto face and neck. You can use spons, brush or dabbing with your fingers.

Pros :
+ Light texture, moist & not sticky.
+ I love it, liquid but giving matte finish. For oily skin like me, its super great❤
+ Pump tube, make it hygiene.

Cons :
– Glass tempered.
– Can’t covered my acnes, bcs their so aqueous. Need a concealer to cover my acnes, before use this.

Price : IDR 119k
Repurchase : Yes

So far, I like these products. You can use for daily makeup, like I do 😽 In the name of showing you the result from Make Over serum & foundie, i will spam you with my narcism photos hehee..


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