Black Box, LT Pro makeup package (Review)

Yep, i will continue my review about LT Pro product i bought yesterday. After my bit dissapointed cream foundation hikss hikss.. actually that was my fault, huh made me sad.. But not for this next produtcs, ya hopefully even better for my skin hehee.. image Here they are.. all in one packages, blush-on, eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeliner in a black box. image

First, i tried Perfecting Blush. It has bright colors like shocking pink. I thought the color would look tacky in my skin, but I was wrong. This blusher is not tacky as it may seem, but it looks very soft on my skin and also give glittery effects. I’m not satisfied with the brush, too small for my hand. I prefer to use my own brushes, more bigger more blending to my cheek (based on my experience ^^). LT Pro said “It contains sunflower oil that moisturizes the skin, vitamin E for antioxidant, and micronized powder that is pleasant to use.”

Rate: 6/10 image

Next, Eye Colour Collection. I choose this earth warm shade, yaa I think only the basic colors that can be acceptedable for any purposes makeup hehe.. It has 4 color in one mini pallet, they didnt explain what name of their color. I named it from Dark to Bright Brown hahahahaa.. Fyi, this eyeshadow really easy to blend and well pigmented. Me like it! Local brand isn’t as good as this.

Rate: 7/10

Here’s the swatches.. image

Then for the Glossy Lipstick, is a light golden brown. For very 1st time, i think this would be natural for my lips, because the color looks so nude with that warm gold-brown. But when i tried it, oohh it just look glittery and to bright for my medium skintone. Feels like i’m back to millenium era with that shimmer golden lips. Not pigmented yet, still need more than one apply to make out the color. But when i applied it twice my lips become so oily, like eating some fried bananas hahahaa.. So sad to say it isn’t good for me.

Rate: 4/10 image

For the last review coming from Color Effect Eye Liner “Sparkling Grey” is liquid eyeliner pen and again, with millenium silver color hahahaa.. The liner is a deep-grey with a glossy finish and the tip is firm and comes to a fine point. It easy to smudge and dry out quickly, for me dab-ing is the best way to get seamless eyeliner than you straight a liner to your eyelid. What best is they can give colorful glitter, suitable for evening or party makeup.

Rate: 7/10 image Okay, all that I can say about this LT Pro products. Maybe I’ll repurchase the Eye Color Collection. Pros & Cons I’ve directly written in the reviews, may be useful and can help you. One thing for sure, local product sometimes even better than foreign product. Gracias!


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