Hola fellas, maybe we often hear the brand La Tulipe, a leading makeup brand in Indonesia. Fyi, LT Pro is still the same sisterhood with La Tulipe, but this refers to the use professionally makeup. Many makeup artist used this brand and that prove the quality of local brands also comparable with international brands. The other advantages is their products comes with affordable price.

Yayy, now i will share my LT Pro products review that i bought yesterday. Actually, i only need a foundation but yeah you know this always happen to impulsive buyer like me. Cant resist a mega discount hahaa.. Ok, i ever used LT Pro cream foundation about 1 year ago. I become a make up artist for our choir event. Some people told me that LT Pro have a good make up result like a pro. Then i bought it to proof it. I feel satisfied with the results, this cream foundation is able to cover the pores & acnes friends who I’m dressing. Besides color makeup become looks clearer and have a long lasting makeup, starting from 2-10pm but still okay. Unfortunately that time I bought only for inventory choir so I can’t bring home hehee.. I saw the promo so I want to buy. But I forgot the shade foundation that I wear at that time. Then this Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) say that Chesnut color will suitable for all skin tones. At that time I remembered that I only bought 1 colour and made for almost all my friend’s skin colors, white, yellow to brown. Yes except dark brown skin tone, for the dark chocolate I use Viva UltraMatte Cover. I thought that was the Chesnut shade. Well I believe the SPG to make over Mita, my friend. If you want to know how Mita’s make over result, click here. The final results make up really good, Mita looks flawless anyway. Then I thought our skin color almost similar, brown. So I bought it for us hehee..


I didn’t try it out immediately upon arriving at home, maybe a few days later I tried. Aaanndd.. It shocked me, it changed my face becomes dakocan! My face became very dark. Pathetic, crushing my heart so deeeepppp… When I tried it in the hand, the colour is very fitting for my skin. Just realized that maybe lighting effect from the stores made the foundation suit with my skin, or the color of my hand is very brown like burnt out because often riding motorcycles. Idk which one may be the causes. Stupid me, i just forgot that my face and hand is totally big different skin tone. K Z L.

Actually LTPro foundation is good to cover all the blemish. It proven absorb the oil at Mita’s face who is super oily. So I think it’s really important to choose the color carefully, maybe you should try it directly on the face or neck before used to be. It’s a pity if it must be a waste of money so. Hiks…

+ cover all the blemishes

– less selection of shade colors
– glass containers

Prices : IDR 85k (with discount 15%)
Repurchase : Hmm.. maybe with 1 level brighter colors ^^


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