Suddenly Beautiful

Pardon me, long time no update blog because too many activities. Next month, my best friend is getting married. We’ll into her Wedding Organizer. This is my first experience! I’m so excited yet nervous. It takes a lot effort to learn, and pray for a successful event. This week increasingly crowded schedule. Today I had a meeting with the bride and groom in her house. We also meet with the other vendors and team from her parents. My friend’s Wedding Concept is Garden Party with Rustic Wedding theme. Her wedding will be held in Balai RT near her house. The hall is interesting because there are wide grass field that really fit into an outdoor wedding locations.

meeting with the bride & groom

After the meeting, me & Mita went to Ciputra World Mall. Then we saw there was a Make Up Competition entitled “Dramatic Approach”. The event is organized by LT Pro. Yes we want to find some makeup for wedding ceremony, so me & Mita directly go to their booth. Hell yeahh there is a promo package of LT Pro. Actually, I just need a foundation but it obviously there is a promo package make up and I’m so tempted to buy hahaha .. image Surely I did not waste this event to try a make up and Mita become a model. After we choose the right foundation color matching, I also choose a package of makeup with natural colors. And this is the result! image image image imageimageimage

super discount !

Hahahaa.. enough for tonite. Can’t wait for the next moth!


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